Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Now For The Rest Of The Story

PaddyMac thinks that he is pulling a faster one on us.

He cites on his blog that a Canadian conservationist is talking about how polar bears were able to stay on the ice for two extra weeks to hunt seals. Paddy even included a little quote:
"The cooler-than-usual summer produced thicker ice on Hudson Bay, giving the area's polar bear population several extra days to feed on tasty ringed seals."
But if you go to the actual article and read it, like Paddy hopes you won't, you'll see this as well:

That's resulted in fatter, healthier bears this summer, Hedman said. He added, however, the development is not likely a long-term trend.

"It's probably a blip," Hedman said of the thicker ice and cooler temperatures.

And the paper thinks they will get people to pay to read this drivel on line? Good luck with that.

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