Saturday, August 29, 2009

McBride Takes The High Road

And of course, by high road, we really mean low road.

In her article in the Waukesha Freeman today, discussing the life and death of Senator Ted Kennedy, McBride states (emphasis mine):
I’m not going to be one of those tossing cheap ideological arrows at his casket, however. I didn’t always agree with his politics, but I recognize that he strived [sic] to make a difference in matters relating to the public interest. I am able to separate that from Chappaquiddick and recognize him for those actions, but I am not able to separate Chappaquiddick from the life story of the man. So, it’s not that the media should have mentioned only Chappaquiddick or trashed the man in death. But a little more restraint, a little less “lionization” was due.
That's a fair and honest approach for a conservative to take, right? I would say so.

The problem is, the above paragraph came after this one (again, emphasis mine):
There were many Ted Kennedys, certainly. He deserves, even in death, sadly, to be defined by his worst act, even if it was 40 years ago, because those are 40 years that Mary Jo Kopechne never got to live. However, he also deserves to be recognized for contributing something positive to the community as well, even as he bore what must have been an almost insurmountable family sorrow and even as his life was occasionally troubled in the years that followed. The Kennedy story has always been one of great highs and lows. To whom much is given, much is expected.
Something tells me that she didn't do the same thing for Reagan when he died.


  1. Yeah, so Ted was a coward and an killer. That cannot be be disputed. He was a horrific person- drunkard, womanizer and killer.
    Apparently, he bought off the left because he brought some bills the left liked. So, capper, if you are sucker and liked to be bought off and sacrifice your values, go ahead.
    Ted Kennedy was a disgraceful human being. If he were a conservative, you would not being saying the things you are saying.
    So, go whore out your values because that is what you are doing when you give any creditability to this horrible, horrible man.

  2. What a sad human being you must be, Dan. After just reading your trash and tripe I feel the need for a shower.

    May whatever deity you worship show more compassion for your shrivelled soul than you show for your fellow man.

  3. Another bought liberal, i see.
    The thing is I don't get what the left saw in him. His actions were totally different than what the left stands for.
    He is rich and privilidged, something the left does not like. He didn't earn his wealth, he inherited it.
    On the enviorment- the left wants green technology but Kennedy said no, not in my backyard.
    The left are against institutionalizing people with disabilities yet he kept his own sister in an institution.
    The left is against sexual harrassment, but he was a womanizer and if news reports at the time are true, he sexually harassed women.
    He was a huge hypocite within the Catholic Church.
    The only thing the left likes about him is his name is Kennedy.

  4. Well, I've been trying hard to stay away. However, Dan ... Thank you! Thank you for making me feel smarter and much more literate after reading your comment.

    And they somehow allow you to teach.

    btw: What's a person-drunkard?

  5. Fine, then Jessica McBride also deserves to be defined by her worst acts.

  6. Someone who treats the sacrament of marriage so cynically need be laughed off the page when she brings up questions of morality. Her soul is in mortal peril. It is interesting that this angry Dan character should mention whores.

  7. "Fine, then Jessica McBride also deserves to be defined by her worst acts."
    I have no problems with that.

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  9. Sorry to have to remove the last comment from an anonymous person.

    While we are rather lax on comments and allow almost anything to go through, we have to draw the line at overly gratuitous ad hominem attacks, even if it is at Dan or McBride.

  10. Jeez. There's no one place to start with the bizarre rants of this Dan. But the thing about Rosie Kennedy, who was cared for by the Sisters of St Francis, is particularly crazy. She was unable to care for herself in any case. Ted Kennedy had nothing to do with her care. Her debility coincided with a general lack of understanding of mental disabilities, which the Kennedeys, more than any other American family, helped to rectify, through legislation and public awareness.