Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laughable Item Of The Day, Indeed

Aaron Rodriguez* of the Hispanic Conservative figures that he is going to take a cheap shot at Eugene Kane, one of the few remaining employees at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Rodriguez' whole argument is trying to poke fun at Kane for saying Obama's economic policies are working. To do so, Rodriguez shows that he has all the economic savvy of a rock, and ignores the reality that his hero, George Bush and his failed policies are the one that got us into this mess.

But if he is going to criticize Obama on his economic policies, or Kane on his journalistic musings that even Senator John McCain, who lost the election to Obama, acknowledges that things are getting better, Rodriguez would be smart to do one thing first.

Make sure his spell check is working. Here is the title of Rodriguez' post:

*Hysterically, Rodriguez, according to my Google reader, goes by the name of A-Rod.


  1. Good job! I'm impressed. You must have a feed to my site, or you are just that lucky to catch my rough draft.

    You see, I typically publish my stuff in a "special" setting where only I can see it. That way, I can rework the kinks out of it (spelling errors, missed words and whatnot) without people seeing it unfinished. This time, not intentionally of course, I published the rough draft using the "public" feature where others could see it. Good catch.

  2. Actually, I do have a reader, but it was some time before I got it posted. If you had actually caught, it would have been changed before I was able to do a screencap and post it.