Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PaddyMac Shorter

There's nothing wrong with usury...that's why God invented poor people.

Best comment on the post:

Coming soon, McIlheran defends pyramid schemes and Nigerian 419 scams. Stay tuned.


  1. Credit Unions are non-profit cooperatives owned by the members to provide each other the lowest rate loans and services possible...therefore, to PaddyMac, BAD! (Socialist!)

    Payday loan stores, Auto title loan stores, big credit card companies, and the mafia are for profit entities preying on the poor, creating a cycle of dependency to make a maximum profit, therefore...GOOD!

    "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?" - Ebenezer PaddyMac


  2. McIlheran was picked on a lot in grade and high school. His lack of basic Christian values is a result of the pain and humiliation that was heaped upon him by the cruelties of youth. I can't take him seriously since his nasty little column is just one part of a cycle of abuse. I pray for him as I pray for all of the hurt. the strange and the lonely.