Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blame It On The Gall Bladder Surgery

We told you about the friend of Jay Weber and Kevin Fischer, who repeatedly shown her true colors in her repeated, vile attacks on Mayor Barrett for his heroic feats from over the weekend.

Other Side has the scoop behind this vitriol:
"I took the piece from somebody else and reposted it on my blog. Additionally, I did this shortly after having gall bladder surgery and while under the influence of painkillers and anesthesia. In that state I didn't notice anything wrong with the post. I'm from the Town of Merton (where Jessica McBride resides as well) and to me what was posted was not stupid, it was a Merton thing. If I had not been under the effects of anesthesia I would have likely noticed that it could have been taken the wrong way and would have passed on it."


  1. Damn insurance run health care.

  2. Dan,

    That is satire. AGH did not have surgery. OS was mocking her and Fred Dooley, who made racist comments and then blamed it on having had back surgery and under the influence of pain medication.

    Thanks for making us feel smarter.

  3. Oh, gee, capper did you leave that point out? Classless. At least Tim put in the clarification. Besides, capper, you wouldn't know satire if it comes up to you and bites you in the ass.

  4. Dan, that is why I included the link. If you didn't follow it, don't blame me.

    Double bonus smarts day!

  5. "Double bonus smarts day!"