Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember when booing Bush at the inaugural was bad form?

From the illustrious Brawler:

WTMJ talker Charlie Sykes once again hailed the howling mob that's been trying to shut down Dem listening sessions. Indeed, while yesterday Sykes tried to distance himself from people who were yelling, today (unless The Brawler missed it) Sykes made no concession to civility. Indeed, Sykes suggested to his benighted listeners that they should not listen to moderate Republicans who suggest that the howling mob showing up at Dem listening sessions makes them look bad.

Funny thing is, the Brawler remembers how disheartened Charlie was when an infinitesmal number of the million people attending Obama's inauguration booed Bush. "You stay classy, libs," Charlie blubbered.

Read the whole thing, he also decimates PaddyMac.

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