Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bucher: Have briefcase, will travel

We recognize that Jessica is not responsible for the actions of Paul Bucher, although she did marry him and does seem to espouse many of his political views. We know she shares his opinion of a Milwaukee alderman who's in the news.

Which brings us to Bucher's latest project, since joining the private sector: Impeaching Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr. JS online reports:
Bucher asks council to impeach McGee
The lawyer for Ald. Michael McGee's unsuccessful recall election opponent has filed formal charges with the Milwaukee Common Council to open impeachment proceedings against the jailed alderman.

But Common Council President Willie Hines Jr. plans to reject the impeachment charges from former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, because Bucher doesn't live in Milwaukee...

After news of the criminal charges came out, Jordan asked Bucher how to overturn the election, Bucher said today. Bucher said he outlined several options and she told him to pick the fastest one, which is for the council to remove McGee from office. He responded by filing impeachment charges against McGee with Hines.

Both city ordinances and state law provide for the council to remove an errant alderman upon a citizen's complaint. But City Attorney Grant Langley has said the state law supersedes the city ordinance where they conflict, and they conflict on who can file the charges to start the proceedings.

Bucher used the city ordinance, which doesn't specify who needs to file the charges, instead of the state law, which requires the charges to be leveled by "a resident taxpayer." He said he was aware of the state law, but was waiting for Langley or Hines to tell him whether he should use a different procedure...

Hines said through an aide that he will send Bucher a letter tomorrow that cites Langley's opinion about the state law overriding the city ordinance.
Another alternative: Bucher could establish residency in the City of Milwaukee. Maybe he could even do that in McGee's 6th Aldermanic District and run for alderman himself. Jessica, a self-styled expert on the central city, based on writing a few newspaper articles about gangs, could write his platform.

Or maybe this is just the first step for Bucher to expand his practice beyond his Waukesha County base. Any aldermen in Madison that need recalling? How about Minnesota? Canada?


  1. We'll see how McBride responds on her MySpace page. I mean her blog.

    Let' see. McGee. Bucher. McBride. They all have the seeking of inappropriate, self-serving publicity in common.

  2. As that Mr. Bucher tried to illegally influence the political developments in a aldermatic district in which he does not reside, would that be fraud by an illegal alien?

  3. It's the Republican way: if you can't win an election, litigate yourself into office.

  4. I know there are frivilous lawsuits? Does his complaint meet that test?