Friday, June 29, 2007

Hold page one: McBride gets one right

It's the infinite monkey theorem at work.

When you offer as many opinions a day as Jessica McBride does -- and her blog has deteriorated to where many of the items are one-liners, so there is a daily barrage -- it's inevitable that you will eventually type something that makes sense.

Well, it's happened. McBride, usually Ms. Hard-Line Law 'n Order, speaks up for common sense on the question of allowing inner city youngsters to sell bottled water on the street. The city is cracking down.

Let's hope there are enough monkeys at the keyboard in City Hall and the Milwaukee Police Department to produce orders to leave those kids alone.


  1. Surely she deserves an additional tribute for acknowledging Justice Kennedy's influence on the Supreme Court.

    So what if it comes 15 years after everyone else noticed.

  2. Fundamentally, I have a problem with treating that thing as a sentient human being. I know this blog gives her putrid ideas more legitimacy, just like the closeted Texan with the right-wing blog. But I guess that she's a big enough target. Getting even bigger, by the looks of it.

  3. Ah, before you know it there will be hugs and the sound of kumbaya.

  4. Her latest post says Republicans need to have a health care plan.

    So what does this pundit suggest, after repeating herself?


    So why bother to blog about it, other than to have something to put on the blog?

    It's just talk.