Monday, July 2, 2007

It's quiet out there

We are not ready to abandon ship, but there is a dearth of material these days on our friend Jessica McBride.

And that's a good thing.

She seems less relevant every additional day she's off the airwaves and out of the media spotlight, which must be making her crazy. Maybe she'll have to sue somebody one of these days just to get some attention. (We suspect the lawyer in her house has told her that's a bad idea.)

Her blog has deteriorated into a takeoff of Boots and Sabers, which is notable for its lack of commentary. A recent McBride item:


-- The Assembly Republican budget won't include a gas tax increase, Speaker Mike Huebsch told WisPolitics today. (Wispolitics)
Yes, that's the whole thing.

But eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, they say. So Whallah! will continue to monitor her so that you don't have to.

It's a bad job, but somebody's gotta do it.


  1. Do not fear. She is still good for amusement. Check out her blogroll, especially the link to "Life Along the Homeschooling Journey" or in McDitz's world, "Life Along the Homechooling Journey". I thought journalists were supposed to be able to spell.

    Also, perhaps we could help her and Paul out. They are both so desperate for attention, perhaps Whallah could hold a contest for them to do their own show. It could be something like "The Simple-ton Life" or "How Many Fifth Graders Are Smarter Than You". This way they could go back to being the darlings of the media, at least in their own little world.

  2. Hey Crapper,

    That would be funny but the "homechooling" folks tend to win the big spelling bees.


  3. Hey anony:

    Your remark would be really hurtful, except that you a)missed the point, b)couldn't spell my name (or was that cleverness on your part-oh, how droll) and c)clicked on the anonymous button (combined with point b) makes me wonder if about your spelling skills.