Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So much for diplomacy; Let's kill 'em!

McBride on the warpath, as usual:

You know how the big Democratic criticism of President Bush has been that his administration won't talk to Iran?

Guess we're already trying that. It's not going too well. Since that was the big Democratic plan for what we should do about Iran - talk to them - what's their big plan going to be now?
The story she links says there have been two meetings since May, and describes the two countries as "arch enemies." It might be just a little early to give up.

But McBride's true sentiments come out in the comments section, as she responds to a critic:
If Iran is responsible for the killing of American soldiers in Iraq, I want to do more than talk to them.
It's a big IF she offers. There have been a lot of claims and little evidence that the Iranian government has been involved in Iraq warfare.

What does she want to do besides talking to them? Scream at them? Bomb them?

If the Iranians are responsible for some American deaths, as she believes, when the Iranian delegation shows up for the meeting, does she think the US should slaughter them? Capture them? Torture them?

Or kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out?


  1. Jessica leaves out the Saudis, the Lebanese, the Jordanians, etc. Hell, let's bomb the entire Middle East. Armageddon here we come.