Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Still carrying water for Walker

The latest pension abuse disclosures have prompted several observers to wonder how Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker could have allowed abuses to continue after he was elected on a pledge to clean up the pension mess.

During his last campaign for exec, we learned that Walker had broken his pledge to have all of his appointees sign waivers foregoing lucrative pension bonuses, and covered up the lack of waivers when questioned about it. Dave Umhoefer, the reporter who broke the last scandal, found that one, too.

Now we find that Walker has continued to allowed questionable if not illegal pension buybacks, fattening some employees' benefits, since he's been in office.

Others call for him to come clean and explain what he knew and when, and why he did what he did. But not McBride.

Still marching to Scott Walker's drummer, McBride is the exception. She notes the new information and asks:
Now will liberals and the MSM stop blaming Scott Walker for Milwaukee County's budget problems?
As she would say: Um, no.

Walker's been in office for 5 years, busily pointing fingers in every direction but his own and refusing to take responsibility for anything that's happened on his watch. The county's disastrous series of budget crises, about to explode again, forced him out of the race for governor. Even Walker didn't try to blame Tom Ament for that.


  1. Didn't Scott Walker also promise not to run for another term as County Executive? He seems to be no stranger to breaking promises as suits his own interests

  2. The funniest, and the saddest, part is that in the comments section, Lady McBride still believes that all the hatred is because Walker won't raise taxes. She willfully stays in denial about all of his blunders and corruptions.

  3. Bruce Murphy, the man who uncovered the first scandal, has a must read column on the latest scandal. Somehow, I don't think old Jess will be linking to it though.