Monday, July 2, 2007

Scooter Libby v. Georgia Thompson

McBride on the Libby "get out of jail free" card:
Remember that Libby was convicted of lying in a politically-motivated investigation into something that wasn't a crime. In other words, he covered up something that wasn't criminal.
Right. He was convicted of four felonies for lying to FBI agents and the grand jury. No big deal.

Here in Wisconsin, we know a woman, Georgia Thompson, who spent four months in federal prison and didn't even commit a crime. McBride thought that was perfectly OK.

Remember that the next time Ms. Law 'n Order mouths off about double standards.

UPDATE: McBride can't stop talking about Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich, as a defense for what Bush has done for Libby. Jay Bullock reminds us, however, that Libby was Rich's lawyer.


  1. "Check out how many more pardons and commutations Clinton granted (actually check out how many Truman granted for an interesting comparison)."

    Just skip on past Ronald Reagan.

  2. So which Marc Rich is she mad at? The one who got the pardon and legal break, or the one who hired lawyer Scooter Libby to get the communtation and or pardon and legal break?

    More inconsistency.