Monday, July 30, 2007

What's the point, indeed

From the conservative blog with the misnomer Real Debate Wisconsin:
What's the point?

What's the point of the Journal Sentinel allowing comments on their blogs if valid comments that get made have to get approval of the author before they are posted?

I made a point on Eugene's post against deer hunting. In that post I pointed out how much deer meat makes it way to area food pantries that feed the poor.

It was a valid point, one worthy of discussion.

Except in Kane's world apparently.
Just what we were asking about their friend Jessica McBride, who now screens comments and chooses the ones she likes.


  1. I'm sure she'll appreciate being compared to Eugene Kane.

  2. We allowed your nitwit comment to stand...

    I wonder when the last time a liberal did anything that ticked you off?

  3. Well, real debate, at least you are consistently inconsistent.

    If Kane shouldn't moderate comments, why should McBride?

  4. McBride is a citizen blogger, she can make her blog whatever she wants it to be.

    The Journal is the area's biggest newspaper and outside of vulgarity or bad taste should not be playing pick and choose with their comments.

  5. And the problem with Saint Fred (of Real Debate), I'll bet his comment to Mr. Kane wasn't as polite as he claims.

    btw, Mssr. Whallah ... welcome to the nitwits. It was bound to happen that Fred would grace you with his extreme mastery of English.

  6. The Journal is the area's biggest newspaper and outside of vulgarity or bad taste should not be playing pick and choose with their comments. -- real debate.

    Extending this logically, WTMJ-AM is the state's most powerful radio station, so Charlie Sykes's blog -- which accepts no comments -- is even worse than Kane's, which at least allows some.

  7. Sykes' blog will take comments in the near future. He has wanted them for some time.

    I am sure he will take all comments not vulgur unlike Kane.

    Hey Timmie, ran out of flies to pull the wings off?

  8. Would it be too vulgar to ask her on her blog whether she informed her editors at the Journal Sentinel that she was having an extramarital relationship with Paul Bucher, and in Waukesha County offices to boot, at the same time she was writing stories about him?

  9. Why? Are you a fly, Fred and tired of stumbling around?

  10. Freddy, Charlie's been saying that for a long time now. He doesn't seem to be pushing for it too hard.

    And, do you want to put a little wager on what comments he will or will not take?

  11. No thanks Capper.

    I do find it quite funny that the blogger who does nothing but attack McBride is surprised that she does not want his comments.

    Can you blame her?

  12. What attack, Fred? The site owner simply reports and exposes the lack of thought she exhibits. Unlike you, Fred, who resorts to attack words every chance you get.

    You are the proverbial fly on the wall and I love clipping your wings every chance I get and will continue to do so. Enjoy!

  13. To see this is innocent Timmy explains why you like it so much.

    Let me know when you do clip my wings, frankly having people like you out there makes me look good.

  14. You know, Fred, my former girlfriends liked to call me Timmy. Are you trying to be my girlfriend?

    Sorry, already married. You'll have to spend time with yourself.

  15. Boys! Boys! Man, I go to work and I find Tim and Fred bickering all day.

    Tim, maybe Fred is dilexic and thought O.S. was S.O. Besides, weren't you taught to be nice to the animals.

    Fred, pick up your wings and be a good boy.

    The fact is McBride does pick and choose her comments carefully. I have never entered a comment on her site that was rude or disrespectful, but only about one in three gets published. Is she that insecure, or that dishonest?

  16. I have made a point of being respectful to her, but I get the same treatment, too.

    I was going to compliment her on her willingness to allow commenting, then ... whoosh ... she pulls out the rug. Oh well.