Monday, July 30, 2007

Simple answers for tough questions

In McBride World, life is simple and easy answers abound.

What to do about sex offenders when they are released back into society?

The solution? Mostly, lock them up longer. Supervise them better. Continue to make sure they don't work around kids or associate with kids in a setting where they would have frequent, close contact with them...

Still, if sex offenders have trouble finding somewhere to live, there is an easy fix for it. Don't molest kids, and you won't have the trouble.
Gee, why didn't any criminologists think of that?

It's sort of like her solution to poverty and unemployment: Everyone should get a job; the want ads are full of them.


  1. She is making a big assumption that all sex offenders mess with children. In fact, they are a small proportion. But in the little mind that is McBride, all must be guilty.

    Why does she not show the same intolerance for released murderers, or yet to be jailed politicians?

  2. Not only that, Tim, but the great majority of people that did mess with children is simply a case of teenagers in heat. Given her personal history and the history of her friend, Charlie, I would have thought she would have some insight into hormones running rampant.