Thursday, July 26, 2007


Update: McBride reacts as predicted

Jessica McBride has decided the left is totally racist, based on one three-week old comment on Whallah! about James Harris that she dug up, and which rubbed her wrong.

In typical fashion, she offered no link to the offending item, fearful of sending any readers our way.

We put the following comment on her blog post:
In case people wonder what a "typical liberal abuse/hate blog" looks like, here's the link Jessica failed to provide.

You, James Harris, and anyone else are always welcome to comments.
Let's see how long it stays up.

UPDATE: We have our answer: Not long at all. It turns out she detests anonymity on the Internet, even though she was a major fan of "Dennis York" and defended his right to hide behind a pseudonym -- as one of the comments she deleted pointed out.

Ironically, her attack came about 15 minutes after one she wrote about spending some quality time in northern Wisconsin:
The abusive, petty political fights in the blogosphere, for example, are so silly and far away.
Apparently, that wore off pretty quickly once she got back to Waukesha County.


  1. McBride has finally printed some actual news - Harris makes arguments.

  2. You are pretty pathetic...a whole blog on Jessica McBride? Seems like someone has a little crush...

  3. Indeed, anyone as pathetic as McBride should be crushed.

  4. What about James T. Harris's suggestion that Russ Feingold's policy inclinations would have kept American blacks in slavery, did that one evade the McBride radar?

    Surely if she's such an avid consumer of Harris's so-called "arguments," she couldn't have missed that one.

  5. So by her reasoning, applied to Harris' comments on Feingold -- Harris must be anti-Semitic.

  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one who suspected that McBride would be sensitive to open comments.

    Mr. Atomic Trousers has comment moderation turned on, too. I tried the post a comment in response to his recent Public Access Abuse post, and he never made it public...