Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't like my advice? Wait 5 minutes

Jessica McBride is never short of advice on how politicians should handle -- or "frame," as she would prefer -- issues.

No matter that she has no relevant experience in that arena which would give her any credibility.

And no evidence that Republicans are foolish enough to ever take her advice.

But it certainly doesn't slow her down.

McBride outdid herself this week with two pieces of advice on the same issue, dated the same day -- and which contradicted each other.

Writing about the State Senate Democrats' universal health care plan -- which Assembly Republicans have vowed to kill -- in her Waukesha Freeman column , she said:
Republicans need to frame the issue right. When the Assembly "blocks" the universal health care program, what it's really blocking is another $15 billion in tax increases in addition to the increases already proposed.
So her advice to the GOP is to highlight the cost of the plan and posture themselves as those who are blocking a big tax hike.

But on her blog, the same day, she says:

Republicans shouldn't be a one-trick pony. Being strong on taxes is very important. But what are the Republicans' ideas for other important issues like this one, other than holding the line on taxes?...

I am suggesting that the Republicans come up with a conservative plan to deal with spiraling health care costs in this state, which are breaking governmental and other budgets.

We do need to do something about health care costs. I'd love to see the Republicans come up with a viable plan so the Democrats stop dominating the stage on this issue. Otherwise, they're just the guys (and gals) blocking tax increases. That's all well and good, but rising health care costs are a problem. So what are Republicans going to do to help fix it?
So now just blocking a tax increase isn't good enough. The GOP need to propose some solutions of their own to the health care crisis.

Jessica, of course, offers nary a one.

For someone who writes regularly about others' inconsistencies , real or imagined, that upset her, we'll say this for McBride: She is consistently inconsistent.

And don't quote Ralph Waldo Emerson in her defense. It is safe to say he would consider her not a great thinker, but a little mind.

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  1. Please cut the poor woman some slack. As anyone can plainly see, she does most of her posting in the middle of the night (could this mean she is part of the undead?), she is struggling with her own downfall from "fame", and has Paul continually snivelling about how HE should have been the AG, and you expect her to keept the same message coming out of both sides of her mouth? How inconsiderate!!