Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Try to remember why it's September

Continuing to out-Bush Bush on the war in Iraq, hard-liner Jessica McBride wants to know, "What's all this talk about September as a date to assess progress in Iraq?"

The media, Democrats, and, yes, even the Bush administration keep talking about "September" and, sometimes, Sept. 15, as the end date for success...

And the conventional wisdom has become "September's it." Even Bush seems to have conceded this point. He doesn't say we're withdrawing in September, but his rhetoric seems to concede that September is this big make-or-break point. "Just give it to September," the Republicans seem to be saying more and more.

Why September?
Jessica apparently was missing in action when:

The Army's top general and US ambassaqdor announced that they would do a full assessment in September.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said September would be the time to determine how long US forces should stay.

Congress passed a provision by Republican Sen. John Warner requiring reports to Congress on progress in Iraq on July 15 and Sept. 15

It's an Emily Littela moment for Jessica.

Never mind.


  1. Does anyone care what Jessica McBride thinks about Iraq?

  2. Why is she trying to argue that we stay in Iraq, when all the news sources are reporting of a high threat to the USA this summer and of the build up of Al-Qaida in - gasp- Afghanistan and Pakistan, ya know, where bin Laden is.

  3. anonymous asks: Does anyone care what Jessica McBride thinks about Iraq?

    You could ask that question more generally: Does anyone care what she thinks about anything?

    If not, Whallah! should close up shop.

  4. Nobody "cares," it's just hilarious.