Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sexist is as sexist does

So, when she's not accusing her critics of being sexist, which she does with some regularity, how does Jessica McBride Bucher spend her time?

Um, writing sexist items like this:

Have you seen Fred Thompson's wife?

Seriously, check out his wife Do you think they'll bring her on the campaign trail or hide her? Does Fred Thompson's incredibly hot wife help him, hurt him, or neither? Despite the other pictures in the background of the link above, it definitely is a picture of his wife. I had to doublecheck.
How would she -- as a political wife herself -- have reacted if someone had asked a question like that during the attorney general's race last fall? Is there any doubt?

(Well, if someone had said Jessica was hot, rather than J.B. Hollen's wife, she may have felt compelled to post an "Omigod!" and link to it. Fortunately, no one did.)


  1. A sixty year old divorced man marrying a 35 year old woman really represent conservative values.

  2. What is so telling about this post, and so many others, such as the one that just copies and pastes a statement from the father of the late Daniel Pearl, is that McBride has nothing of substance to say about all the things she covers.

    She has no angle of her own, no purpose to blogging other than self-gratification.

    She's just another rightie blogger flailing away, trying to have some impact.

    If a blog falls in the forest in the blogosphere, does anyone know or care?