Thursday, July 26, 2007

Evidence be damned; we want convictions

Will the state and federal government come down hard on the young protestors who vandalized a military recruiting station, or will they let a little thing like lack of evidence get in the way?

That's the burning question for McBride & Co. this week.

The Journal Sentinel reports:
The city attorney's office moved to dismiss the charges citing a lack of sufficient evidence against those ticketed, said municipal court Judge Derek Mosley.

Police arrested 21 people March 19 on suspicion of disorderly conduct after windows were smashed at the recruiting station, in the 3100 block of N. Oakland Ave.

Mosley granted the dismissal without prejudice, meaning that the charges could be filed again if police collect more evidence.
Says McBride:
DA Chisholm and US Attorney Biskupic, the ball is in your court.
She and other wingnut bloggers are poised to criticize DA John Chisholm, a Democrat, if he doesn't charge anyone. In fact, many of them jumped the gun and attacked him last week for dropping the municipal charges, which he had nothing to do with. It's not clear whether they are as ready or willing to go after US Atty. Steven Biskupic, the Republican appointee they all love for his willingness to prosecute Democrats.

Indymedia first reported the story on the dropped charges, although it was a Junior McBride, Rebecca Hontowicz, whose subsequent post got all of the right wing's undies in a bundle.


  1. Rebecca Kontowicz was first to report ...

    Details, details.

    Obviously McBride was confused by the date on the Indymedia entry, thinking it was posted on the 7th day of the 18th month, which puts it sometime in the future, therefore she can claim it as a "scoop" because it hadn't really happened yet.

  2. Hmm, seeing the recruiting station makes me wonder. Rebecca is old enough. They take women. When is she going to enlist.