Saturday, July 7, 2007

McBride's 'replacement' gets a blog

James Harris, being groomed by Charlie Sykes & Co. as the next black conservative, has been advanced on the up escalator. He's getting the McBride treatment, only at a slower pace. Like all deliberate speed.

Although he's only on the air two hours a week, Harris says he will begin blogging on WTMJ Radio's site next week.

His readers, commenting on it, are skeptical, and warn him repeatedly to keep backups so he doesn't lose all of his material when WTMJ pulls the plug on him.

They're referring, of course, to what happened to Jessica McBride. What they don't seem to recall is that WTMJ intended to keep her blog on its website, but McBride was in a snit (after being fired)and asked them to take it down:
WTMJ 620 AM has asked to continue my blog (that's why it's still up), but I have no interest in doing so. I will be asking them to remove my name and blog from it.


  1. As well as his comments that indicate the path up and up in the USA is to suck up, his delivery on air resembles the Cosby kid Mushmouth.

  2. The most ironic, and funniest, part of this is the warnings that Harris' fans are giving him. It shows that even conservatives don't trust conservatives.