Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Incompetence, not gender,

makes McBride a target

Is criticism of Jessica McBride fueled by sexism?

Her defenders frequently make that claim, but the blogger Illusory Tenant disagrees:

... it doesn't make any difference whether she's a female or not - the relentless stream of drivel at her blog mitigates strongly against her competence as a university teacher of journalism.

Whether she's demonstrating her abject ignorance of Islam, shamelessly repeating the lies of Ann Coulter, cheerleading the ridiculous credulity of her "Little Malkin," or perpetrating any number of the unintentionally risible altercations with reality consistently documented here, the effect would be identical were she male.


  1. She's so desperate for attention that I think, in the end, this Web site will be the last thing to keep her going. And she won't understand that her irrelevancy has made this sport, not actual concern about lofty ideals over journalism, since that's not what she ever did to begin with.

  2. If we ever thought this blog was what was keeping her going, we would pull the plug immediately.

    We do it so that she isn't free to blather unchallenged.