Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Expanding on McBride Doctrine:

If they're for it, we're against it

Jessica continues to explain the McBride Doctrine of foreign policy:
I don't know about you, but my instinct is to support the things al-Qaida does NOT want. That's usually a good idea with a mortal enemy.
We can be thankful that al-Qaida has not come out in favor of building more schools in Iraq. If they had, we'd be forced to be in favor of destroying schools.

But here's a stickier question: What if al-Qaida actually wants US troops to remain in Iraq, with 150,000 bogged down there more or less permanently, at the mercy of insurgents and their bombs?

There is some evidence that's just what al-Qaida wants. They've said as much, that they want the US to stay the course and remain in the quagmire.

Applying the McBride Doctrine, if al-Qaida wants us to stay, we should leave.

Maybe she is on to something.

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