Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hyperventilating about McGee

Milwaukee Magazine's Bruce Murphy, who generally treats Jessica McBride well, had this not-so-kind observation on the Michael McGee affair:
Last week, former Waukesha DA Paul Bucher filed formal charges asking that McGee be impeached by the Milwaukee Common Council. Bucher doesn’t even live in the city, but he is the husband of Jessica McBride, who, along with her former talk radio brethren, has been hyperventilating for some time about McGee. And Bucher, whose career in public service tanked after his defeat in the Republican primary for Wisconsin attorney general, is presumably looking for any publicity he can get.
Read it here.

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  1. Well, they say every relationship needs common ground. Both Herr und Frau McBucher need and crave attention. I hope for the kid's sake, they don't run short of attention, and make the poor child be the one to support their failing egos.