Saturday, June 9, 2007

Journal Communications and liberals

McBride blogs:
Journal Communications and conservatives

I was just told that a conservative state legislator sent a letter to the editor in support of me to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which they never ran. Pretty telling. Imagine what happened to the conservative voice on various issues in the days before blogs. It just didn't get through the media gate.
Aside from the fact that newspapers always get many more letters than they print, consider this:

McBride has never allowed anyone to post a comment on her blog, and gladly joined Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner, and Journal Communications in screening and eliminating nearly all liberal/progressive callers to their talk shows. If you listen, you would think that 90% of their listening audience shared their right wing views -- because those are the only callers who get through. Most liberal listeners have quit trying.

So while you're imagining what used to happen to the conservative voices in the pre-blog days, imagine what happens to liberal/progressive voices on talk radio right now.


  1. Also, the Journal Sentinel publishes lots of conservative viewpoints (on many different topics)in its letters to the editor, the community columnist pieces, and in its main editorial columns.

    Just because the paper didn't run her letter she thinks that no conservative voices make it past "the gate?" Please. I don't even think the paper ran letters in support of her firing, although I could be wrong about that.

  2. In support of her what? Of what possible relevance or interest to the readers of the JS would printing such a letter serve? What a self-obsessed idiot.

  3. Her posts are painful to read.

  4. Wait until you get a load of her protege, the "little Malkin." This one makes Jessica McBride look like Edward R. Murrow

  5. ConservativeteenJune 9, 2007 at 3:23 PM


    "Just because the paper didn't run her letter she thinks that no conservative voices make it past "the gate?" Please. I don't even think the paper ran letters in support of her firing, although I could be wrong about that."

    Well said. Jessica Mcbride(or whatever your name is), you an uninformed, left-wing b****, which whom I feel sorry for because you have such a distorted view of the world, and conservatism, and Right-wingers. Email me at to respond, Jessica

  6. And for those who've ripped in her caustic, no-comment blog, get a load of this hypocritcal posting:

    Concern for a friend
    Call him and email him - don't just blog about him, as the latter is giving some people an opportunity to be vicious, which is not going to help.The blogosphere is, in a lot of ways, like a family. Everyone in a position to help because they are a friend to this person knows what I'm talking about in this post. Call and email.

    Posted by Jessica McBride at 7:42:00 PM

  7. Uh, conservativeteen . . . you think Jessica McBride is left-wing?

    Can you read?

    Oh, whallahyagonnado with someone even farther to the right that Media Matters looks like it's on the left!

  8. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board could care less about an ex-employee's firing of her poorly rated (banal) radio show. This was hardly newsworthy or even controversial. Jessica's ratings were more than bad and her silly, insensitive spoof just enabled management to pull the plug sooner.

  9. Is Whallah! obsessed with everything Jessica? I'd say that being dropped in every possible way from WTMJ-radio to being exciled back to her own whinny, blog makes her, well, SOOOOO last week, month and year! The only damage that can be done is to the few students who take her one-time-a-week class at UW-M. And I hear that the department at UWM is not all that good anyway. Whallah!? CAN WE MOVE ON? I think she may get off on reading about herself. Let's not encourage her!!! :)

  10. Uh, yes, Whallah! is all about her. Read, if you can, the heading at the top of the blog.

    If it's not what you want soooo this week, well, you can . . . "excile" away to another more exciting blog and get off on writing that it ought not be about what it is about.

    (Netiquette tip: read first, lurk first.)

  11. She also tries to compare the death of a small girl to Jeffrey Dahmer, then becomes sarcastic as if the original comment wasn't insulting enough. She is in serious needs of some strong psychotropic medications.