Monday, June 25, 2007

That liberal MSM again

Here's another example of the kind of liberal bias in the mainstream print media, McBride & Co. argue, that makes people turn to right wing talk radio for balance.

See if you detect any difference between the story and the headline in the LaCrosse Tribune:

Top Doyle donor pleads guilty to making illegal donations

By SCOTT BAUER/The Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. — Millionaire businessman Dennis Troha has always been an equal opportunity giver.

Whether it be to Republican President George Bush or Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, Troha and his family have been frequent, and generous, donors.

But a series of donations between $30,000 and $70,000 to both Bush and the Democratic Party led Troha on Friday to agree to plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanors that could land him in prison for two years.
How did Doyle get in that headline? This isn't even the Journal Sentinel.

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  1. McBride's alma mater, WTMJ (TV), echoed the same headline in its report. But it didn't echo the story, as WTMJ didn't mention Bush at all. Or, for that matter, another Republican beneficiary, Ryan.

    Nope, for WTMJ, it was only and all about Doyle.