Monday, June 4, 2007

Jessica joins the humor police

Still stinging from her firing by WTMJ radio -- and still in denial that she said or did anything offensive -- Jessica McBride has begun to peruse the Journal Sentinel on a daily basis for anything that smacks of humor.

Then she tries, vainly, to compare what others have written with what she did, which is too big a stretch even for her.

First it was columnist Jim Stingl, who, writing about Ald. Michael McGee's troubles, said that McGee shouldn't be expecting any sympathy cards from the Sykes family.

Now it's Mike Nichols's reference to Tommy Thompson's screwups on statements regarding Jews and gays.

McBride seems to think that any humor used when writing about a serious topic is now out of bounds, and that one complaint from a Mark Belling listener about Stingl is equivalent to the general manager of WTMJ-AM finding what she did "inappropriate" to be on the air.

Read the columns, here and here. And then listen to her segment. See if you think there is any comparison. One difference is that Stingl's and Nichols's efforts are at least mildly humorous. Hers is embarrassingly unfunny, although she thought it was a laugh riot, judging from her giggles.

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  1. Nothing could be funnier than her "detective novel," which, as we are told, is with the publisher. Please, God, please, let that book be published.