Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Day - Sykes Gets Caught In Another Lie

Today, Sykes spent a considerable amount of time defending state Senator Jeff Plale by attacking his Democratic primary opponent Chris Larson.

Sykes brought up an old ticket that Larson had received when he was a young man. Jason Haas points out the hypocrisy of Plale and his allies like Sykes in attacking Larson on this, especially when Plale hires convicted felons without blinking an eye. Of course, as Zach points out, Plale tends make a habit of hanging around with shady characters.

Anyway, back to Sykes. Sykes brings up an incident from 2004 when a city contractor tows Larson's car away. Larson hopped in his car and was beeping the horn to get the tow truck driver's attention.

Sykes continues:
"When the car gets to the tow yard, Chris Larson is, yeah, blowing the horn, refuses to get out. The towing company calls the cops. The cops cite him for disorderly conduct. As far as I can tell, the case was resolved, uh, when it was dismissed with prejudice which essentially means a little plea bargain type thing, where you go take the class - anger management - I don't know what, you do something, and [mumbling] you know, you don't pay.

"But this ticket was issued. I have a copy of this ticket."
Naturally, I contacted Supervisor Larson and asked him about it. Larson replied:
"Basically, I thought the guy was stealing my car and I was the one who called the police. The ticket was given because I didn't have an ID on me and therefore couldn't verify who I was. The ticket was dropped pretty quickly after it was issued. Also, I was never arrested in my life."
This raises a number a couple, three questions:
  1. What is the significance of Plale/Jensen running to Sykes? Is Plale really a D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R., like David Clarke?
  2. When is Sykes ever going to be held responsible by WTMJ for all of the lies he tells? After all, xoff won't wait forever.
  3. I believe Sykes when he says he has a copy of Larson's ticket. But does he still have copy of his own ticket?


  1. I'll never fault anyone for a little fireworks fun. But then again, I don't pretend to be holier than thou.

  2. Really? What kind of ticket was issued for not having an ID...sounds strange to me.

  3. You do not get charged with disorderly conduct for not having your license on you. The explanation sounds a little fishy to me. Never thought I would side with Chuckie Sykes on anything.

  4. Totally bogus story. Getting a ticket for what he did sounds right- you should never ride in a car being towed. And he thought someone was stealing the car? By a tow truck? Possible, but not likely, especially if they have a name on the side of the truck.
    If a person didn't have ID on them and they couldn't prove who they are, they are arrested and taken down for finger prints. For all the cop knows is that guy without ID could have been a murderer and a warrant was out for his arrest. He should have been arrested if he had no ID and could not verify who he was.
    Nah, total bogus story.

  5. He's a proud union supporter to boot.

  6. Sykes is very good at what he does - lies and divides the middle class for ratings. Too bad his listeners don't catch this.