Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now, About That Award, Mr. McIlheran

Last night, we pointed out that Patrick McIlheran should return his "Defender of the American Dream" award that he received from the corrupt Americans for Prosperity, which conspired with Tea Parties and the Republicans to perform an illegal voter suppression technique know as voter caging.

McIlheran, disappointingly, but not surprisingly, defended this scheme by minimizing the true intentions.

Unfortunately for Paddy, this scheme is peeling away like the layers of an onion to show the fetid insides. As xoff shows:

The documents included in Dake's email, which is available here,

--A non-disclosure agreement for voter suppression participants from the state GOP.

-- An affidavit and instruction process for voter suppression activities, which includes direction about photographing the homes of people targeted for voter suppression activities.

-- A strategic planning memo that includes the first part of the plan was a voter caging mailing to the 16th Assembly District, which has the third-highest number of African-American voters of any Assembly District in the state.

So again, McIlheran needs to return that award, unless of course he does not support the the voting rights of all Americans.

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