Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Sykes Standing Up For Again?

Just wondering what Sykes is standing up for, because it sure as hell ain't Milwaukee.

He joins his BFFs at Badger Blogger* in ridiculing the unions, who are going to hold a rally on September 10th to demand some accountability from Scott Walker.

Remember, it was Walker's illegal budget and poor management skills that led to things like a young man losing his life when part of a county owned and maintained building fell on him.

It was also Walker's ineptitude and disregard for the county's most vulnerable citizens that allowed dozens of sexual assaults at the mental health complex. To make matters worse, Walker had a chance to fix it years ago, by adding more staff and creating a secure ward, when he was warned of these problems.

Now that Walker has ordered more of the same problems to happen, Sykes et alia don't want this brought to the public's attentions. After all, what's is some sexually assaulted women or some collapsed buildings when you can pretend to save a couple of bucks on taxes? I'm sure they would call that a reasonable trade-off.

*You would think Sykes would have learned by now about listening to unreliable sources.

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