Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charlie Sykes' Really Bad Week

Poor old Chuckie. He must be feeling the strain this week.

First, it is revealed that he is only #4 in the morning show ratings race. He'd be #5, but there is no stations that play polka at that time. WTMJ spends a lot of money on him. I don't think that they would be happy paying that much for that little.

Then it turns out that Sykes has been trying to procure the sex offenders vote or something.

Today, Sykes blogged an email he received from "a listener." Said email, which he repeated on his show, claimed that Nancy Pelosi, who was here to speak with the veterans, held a super secret fund raiser for Tom Barrett.

The fund raiser was so super secret that neither Barrett or Pelosi even knew about it. Sykes' masters, WISGOP, took Sykes' lie and ran with it, causing themselves no end of embarrassment as they had to withdraw their accusations, blaming it on an "unreliable source."

Hell, anyone could have told them that Sykes was an unreliable resource. This wasn't the first time, nor the second, nor even the third time that Sykes got caught up in a lie, often trying to put the blame for his own dishonesty onto others.

But as I've said before, if a man can lie to his own family, what makes you think he won't lie to you?

Maybe it's time to brush off the old campaign and once again push to have xoff on TMJ!


  1. Doesn't a station in West bend play polka. They used to and you could listen it to it in Milwaukee.
    (not that I listened to it, had a friend who did)

  2. There used to be one, but I think it only played on Sunday mornings or something.

  3. If elected, I will not serve.

    Well, maybe for a week.