Monday, September 13, 2010

Sykes: Sexual Assaults No Big Deal

This morning, on the day before the primaries, Charlie Sykes was naturally talking about the elections and trying to convince his dwindling audience why they should vote for Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, etc.

Two things really struck me while listening.

One, things must be looking a lot tighter than Walker would like, if he is not losing outright. Why do I say that? Because Sykes was already making excuses for a Walker loss on Tuesday. He kept listing two reasons why Walker could lose:
  1. A high turn out of "uninformed, casual voters" who only know what they see in the commercials
  2. Democrats and/or union members crossing over to vote in the Republican races.
Considering the number of people that have Neumann signs, or are being active for him, not just here in the Milwaukee area, but all over the state, that is rather elitist and condescending of Sykes. If I were a conservative voter, that would be more likely to push me into Neumann's camp.

As for the crossing over, I don't see it happening. For a cross over to have any real significance, it would require the bulk to occur in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. It's not going to happen in Milwaukee, because there are too many people that are eager to start taking the County back, and give the boot to Jeff Plale, Peggy Krusick and David Clarke. It's my understanding that there is at least one heated Democratic race in Dane County too, which would eliminate a section of those possible cross overs.

Like I said, they must be feeling pretty damn scared right now.

The other thing that Sykes said nearly forced me to pull over in disbelief.

When he opened the phone lines for callers to say who they were going to vote for, the very first voter proudly stated he was voting for Neumann. When Sykes asked why, the caller stated that Walker proved himself to be a bad leader as shown by the O'Donnell Park tragedy and the ongoing horrors at the mental health complex.

Sykes blew off the caller saying that those were simply lefty/union talking points.

Is Sykes really saying that the death of a teenage boy and the sexual assaults of cognitively disabled women as being mere talking points? I thought Sykes was a misogynistic reprobate before, but even I wasn't ready as to how low he would stoop.

Since this is the talking point of Team Walker and the Republican Party, keep that in mind when you go vote. The death of a boy or the raping of women is no big deal, as long as they get to forward their ideological agenda.

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  1. Wow, speaking of disingenuousness, claiming "mere" when in fact they are is hardly being credible.