Monday, September 6, 2010

Kleefisch Campaign Goes Into Silly Mode

Rebecca Kleefisch is still trying to make that run for Lt. Governor. She came out with her first ad, but for her sake, I hope she didn't buy any air time for it.

Besides not really saying anything but the usual, expected empty rhetorical platitudes, she has this visual which I captured from her ad:

There are some really amateurish mistakes in this one screen shot.

One, no one outside of Southeastern Wisconsin knows who Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling are and are unlikely to care what they think of Kleefisch. Secondly, the majority of the people in Southeast Wisconsin do know who these two are, and still don't care, or even find it as a reason to go the other way. If she is hoping that these two reprobates will get her elected, she is in for a harsh disappointment.

Also, I don't know where they filmed this, but it is kind of a put off having such a bright background. It takes the attention off of her. On second thought, maybe that is what she is trying to achieve.

But this ad isn't the only faux pas that Team Kleefisch has made.

It's not usually a good idea to infer that your opponents are pagan heathens. And it's a turn off to both the right and left wings to say that you're going to use the Bible instead of the Constitution in making official decisions.

Michael Horne also raises a very interesting question: Where the heck is her husband, state Representative Joel Kleefisch? Does he not support her campaign or is she trying to hide the fact that she is part of the Republican establishment?


  1. Both myself and my special lady are pretty good style moderates, with a bit of the right lean. Not baseball caps mind you. This commercial is really scary if this is the "real conservative" running. I highly doubt that this woman has ever read, let alone understands, what the living constitution means. In fact, the mini-van comment in the add is especially off-putting. The commercial is bordering on the creepy.

  2. At least she's got the Michele Bachmann crazy gaze down pat.

  3. I think that may be the art museum. Can it be used for such purposes? I know that an ad for heart medication was shot there. If Kleefisch claims to be a faith healer, maybe it is the right spot for the ad.

  4. Why is a 'small government' conservative running for a useless lt. governor post when her husband is already sucking the govt teet? Will the family carpool to Madison to save taxpayer money? Will they both collect per diems?