Thursday, September 9, 2010

"But this ticket was issued. I have a copy of this ticket"

A week ago, Charlie Sykes was squawking about Chris Larson getting a ticket for disorderly conduct for what turned out to be nothing, since the charges were dropped.

He kept saying how he "had a copy of this ticket," like it really meant anything.

Not nearly as much as the other ticket he has in his possession.

Well, seeing as how Charlie has picked up the hobby of collecting tickets, here is another one for him. According to, the story behind the ticket goes like this:
According to the South Milwaukee Police report, Elizabeth Plale reported that following an argument at their home, her husband tried to stop her from leaving their residence. She told police he grabbed her suitcase and threw it onto the lawn and "kicked her in the lower back area."

Plale denied that he kicked her, but told police he pushed her out the door. He told police that during the argument "a side of him came out that he had never known before."

Plale was cited for a municipal charge of disorderly conduct. Court records show that Elizabeth Plale filed for divorce Nov. 26, 2001. The divorce was finalized Sept. 22, 2003.
Plale admitted that he paid the fine associated with the ticket.

I don't know about you, but in my book, domestic violence is a bit more significant than an dropped ticket for beeping a horn.


  1. Chuck goes fishing so often he is the Babe Winkleman of rad right talk radio.

  2. Was that second link supposed to go here?

  3. I still find it hilarious you bought he got a ticket for not having an ID with him.

  4. Anonymous, Are you OK with domestic abuse?

  5. Jay, the second link has been fixed. It was supposed to go to this.

  6. lol, commenting on the lame excuse given for a ticket, not having an ID, in no-way condones domestic abuse...nice try at side stepping, again.