Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alcohol And Poor Social Skills Don't Mix

Good old Kevin Fischer, the church-going, moral compass of Franklin shows us what he is all about.

In one of his posts tonight, he is all excited because one of his alleged readers told him of some misogynist event happening in Las Vegas.

Not only is he acting like Rush Limbaugh after the arrival of a whole new shipment of Viagra, he goes on to insult the women of the Midwest because they don't meet his ideals of beauty.

But then he displays why all of his old friends, even the conservative ones, have gotten sick of his attitude:
NOTE: Prudes and downright Kevin Fischer haters can e-mail their complaints to Mark Maley at Journal Communications. My guess is that these days, he'd love to hear a protest that's actually interesting rather than , WAHHHH, I HATE THE NEW BLOGGING SYSTEM, I QUIT!
The only problem is, his rudeness is not because he is better than those that have graduated on to bigger and better things, while he stagnates at a site run by someone else.

Nope, what Fischer's real problem is is that he is trying to hide his envy of competent bloggers, like Janet Evans, Cindy Kilkenny and Greg Kowalski. Fischer must subconsciously be aware that if he went out on his own, he would get lost in a heartbeat. He would lose his readership (all four of them if you include his wife), and we all know how desperate he is for any kind of attention.

Let us just hope that someday, Fischer will be able to pull up his big boy pants and start acting like a man.

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  1. Darn it, I missed it. I wonder how many pounds of silicone was in the parade.