Sunday, May 10, 2009

Republican Businessmen Don't Like Doyle

The Brawler has returned from his undisclosed location to tell us this not so breaking news: Republican business men don't like Doyle:

Patrick McIlheran prints, and Charlie Sykes, as ever, retreads, an email from businessman John Radke warning how the Doyleone budget will kill teh jobs in Wisconsin.

Unmentioned: Radke is active in an anti-Doyle Republican front group.

And while Radke hails Indiana's budget surplus, he fails to note that Mitch Daniels has raised sales taxes, cigarette taxes and other taxes have gone up as well.

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  1. Actually, you're only telling half of the story. Mitch may have signed bills into law that the DEMOCRAT legislature passed, increasing cigarette taxes (to FUND state-assisted healthcare) and increasing sales tax (90% paid by out of state visitors) to subsidize taking over schools at the state level and CAP property taxes. This has allowed drastic decreases in property tax bills. THUSLY, why Mitch Daniels enjoys a 70% approval rating several months into his SECOND term. Other midwest states that are so OBVIOUSLY FAILING should follow Mitch's example.

  2. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but there are also some Republican business people who don't like Obama either. And there are some liberals who didn't like GW Bush either.