Saturday, May 16, 2009

Four Words That Should Never Be Seen Together

Smoking!Nudity! Kevin Fischer!

From the Chief, who notes Fischer's hypocrisy and misogyny:
Just to recap:
Smoking in a private establishments = valiant defense of personal liberty.

Toplessness in equally private establishments = an affront to American Decency.
(And while we're equivocating, here's another slice of Fischerian wisdom:
1 pair of bare breasts behind the blackened windows of a private establishment = an affront to American Decency

281 pairs of barely covered breasts on parade = Awesome!
Moving on ...)

Thankfully, Fischer's credibility as a public health expert is about as air tight as his ideological consistency in this matter and no one takes him very seriously except for like-minds he presumably whips up into a berserker rampage, but the next time Fischer brings out the old "defense of property rights" hobby horse, kindly remind him that he's full of shit.

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  1. Fischer would have been against anti-typhoid fever laws because they made restaurant owners install towel dispensers.