Sunday, May 24, 2009

He Works Hard For His Money

Last week, I pointed out how the squawkers rarely take a position that is in favor of the common worker.

Owen Robinson took umbrage with my post and offered a rebuttal:
How about…. all the flippin’ time? Let’s see… opportunity, freedom, low taxes, vibrant business environment, merit pay, and on and on and on. Yes, capper, we support policies that are best for all workers. I suppose that militant union goons may benefit a few, but certainly not the working class.
Let me rebut his rebuttal:
  • Opportunity, as long as your the right skin tone and don't have a record.
  • Freedom to not be able to say what you think or offer advice, or to even be sick.
  • Low taxes didn't benefit me, I'm not part of the uber-rich.
  • I thought the business environment sucked. Which is it?
  • Merit pay: You merit a raise if your the CEO's son-in-law, or your a crony of the elected official in office.
Let's not forget that workers' pay has stagnated over the last decade, while the CEOs' have enjoyed exponential increases in pay and bonuses. Nor does it address that the CEOs are doing everything they can to prevent workers from unionizing, as pointed out here and here.

But that is not why I'm writing this post. The thing that prompted me to write was when tag-along Preview Paddy chimed in with his, "Yeah, what he said" post, which he ironically titled:
"If I'm not working class, why am I doing so much of it?"
OK, Paddy, whatever. If you think copying and pasting from Owen, Dad29 or the National Review is hard work, you are in a world of trouble if the paper ever folds.

Most of us bloggers do what he does every day, for free, while holding down one or more jobs.

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