Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waterboarding Is Torture

Preview McIlheran and Charlie Sykes would have us believe that waterboarding is not torture, it's just having a little splashing of water on one's face.

Mancow, a radio talker from Chicago, also thought the same thing. Then this happened:

I wonder how long until those macho men of Milwaukee's squawk will stand up to show us wrong by volunteering for this?

H/T James Rowen, Zach and Harris Kane.


  1. It's still not torture.

  2. So, Dan, what makes you so much wiser than thousands of professionals over hundreds of years.

    Even the Spanish Inquisition knew it was torture.

  3. Dan, I'd like to test out your assertion that waterboarding isn't torture. We should arrange a time and a place for you to be waterboarded, so you can experience it firsthand.

  4. Waterboarding is not torture. It's unpleasant to be sure but it's not torture. I'll tell you what. You can have your choice...

    Get waterboarded for say, 60 seconds or have a root canal without anesthesia (novicaine) for 60 seconds.

    Your choice.

    If you choose waterboarding than I would be happy to see my tax dollars spent to fix all the dental problems the terrorists have from lack of dental hygiene.

  5. Waterboarding has been, is and will forever be a form of torture.

    Your choice is only between two forms of torture.

    That is like letting someone choose if they would rather be hung to death or drowned.