Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belling The Welcher

As is his wont, Mark Belling shot off his mouth again last week. It's compulsive with him. It's like he can't help himself, but feels an uncontrollable urge to make an ass out of himself whenever possible, and sometimes when it's impossible.

While handicapping the Kentucky Derby, Belling wrote this comment about one of the horses, Mine That Bird:
#8 MINE THAT BIRD---If this horse wins, I’ll never bet on another race
and will vote for Jim Doyle for reelection.
Well, as you can guess, Mine That Bird won the race.

Joe Wineke, head of the DPW, decided to have some fun at Belling's expense and sent out a release announcing Belling would be supporting Governor Doyle for reelection and even sent him a membership card to fill out.

True to form, Belling backpedaled and tried to put additional conditions on the statement. This, of course, makes Belling a loud-mouthed, hypocritical snake that should not be trusted.

In other words, just a normal day for him.

Tim Cuprisin has more.


  1. You must at least include Belling's reply, but then you guys are not usually interested int he full context.

    Dear Mr. Wineke (aka "Joe"),

    In 2003, Gov. Jim Doyle said, "My mind will be open to every solution -- except one. We should not -- we must not -- and I will not -- raise taxes."

    I fully intend to honor my commitment to vote for Gov. Doyle if he honors his.

    If Governor Doyle withdraws his support for: the oil franchise tax, the landfill tax, the income tax hike, the RTA taxes, the cigarette tax, the digital download tax, the 911 phone tax, and vetoes any increase in the gasoline tax or the sales taxes and cancels the new hospital tax and the new combined reporting tax and imposes no new tax of any kind between now and the next election, I will indeed vote for Governor Doyle for reelection.

    If he does not honor his commitment, I will not honor mine. If that makes me a liar, I will be in the company of the governor of the State of Wisconsin.

    It is, however, nice to know that the party of Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton, and Jim "I am opposed to all expansion of gambling" Doyle, has suddenly reversed decades of course and is now in support of telling the truth.


    Mark Belling

    P.S. If Doyle actually does kill all his taxes, I'll even donate to his campaign.

    Allas there has never been one post on Whallah! in regards to Jim Doyle's many broken promises.

  2. Is anyone surprised that Belling backtracked from his promise?

    As he said, he's a gasbag, but he forgot to note he's a liar.

  3. Anonymous, I don't recall reading all Belling's conditions when he posted his thoughts on Mine That Bird winning the Kentucky Derby; that's just his way of spinning this.

  4. Zach, he makes a fair point that he is no more honest than Governor Doyle.

    Did Doyle lay preconditions when he made his no tax promise?

    That is significantly more important than a silly radio guy and Kentucky Derby predictions.

    A shame really that you don't care about Doyle's broken promises.

  5. maybe the most significant part of this is that belling acknowledged that he is a "loudmouth gasbag." previously, he has ackowledged that he is an obnoxious jerk. he was once sykes' mentor in talk radio. maybe sykes can still take a cue from him.

  6. Anonymous,

    That kind of proves the point. It is merely Belling trying to move the goal posts after the game is over.

  7. The other Anon is correct, Belling is a "loudmouth gasbag." and obnoxious jerk.

    However, the point remains the Governor renigging on his tax increase promise is 100 times worse than a throw away line on a race projection.

  8. ...and Alec Baldwin never moved out of the country after Bush was re-elected.

    Just goes to show you shouldn't put too much into what entertainers say.

  9. I thought this post was about Belling. Why is it that conservatives can never stick to the point?

    Allas we may never know.

  10. the speech by the governor about not raising taxes was in 2003. was this a state of the state address in which he was specifically referring to how to handle that year's fiscal situation? if so, do his proposals on how to handle the cuurent situation actually make him a liar?

  11. Indeed the speech was the 2003 State of the State, so it would be on that year.

    However, if anyone wants to discuss lying politicians, we could always debate Scott Walker's wont for lying.

  12. I personally think this whole episode is funny. Belling made a comment about the race and it didn't come true. He lost. He deserves to be mocked and laughed at. But for people who expect him to hold him to his word, my goodness, he is just an entertainer. Sometimes the entertainers put foots in their mouths, as in this case.

  13. Anon7:03 Doyle said "moving forward" before his no new tax statement.

    That would indicate it meant more than that current year.

    Nice try though.