Thursday, May 7, 2009

Missing The Point

A couple of weeks ago, during the Miss U.S.A. pageant, Miss California stated that she was against gays being allowed equal rights and being allowed to marry.

One of the judges, Perez Hilton, went overboard and got carried away in attacking her.

Since then, a lot of garbage has turned up on Miss California, and she may lose her crown for violating her contract with the Miss California pageant.

Predictably, the right wing has gone absolutely nutty about the issue. Sykes has been talking about it almost every day as well as posting gratuitous pictures of her. James Harris has been clamoring for attention with his martyr role while posting more gratuitous pictures of her.

But the thing that the Posse Comatose and the hysteric Hilton are all guilty of is continuing the sexist behavior of objectifying women and demeaning them by having the pageant in the first place.


  1. I think you are even missing the goes way beyond that...

  2. No, I'm not, but we gotta take them there by baby steps, Anon, by baby steps.

  3. But they "volunteered" for it (being objectified and demeaned). That makes it OK.

    At least according to all of the people that think that waterbaording is torture. Because they are countered by, "Um no it's not because we do it to our own troops."... to which they claim, "No that's not torture because they volunteered for it."

    Well you can't have it both ways. Either it's wrong or it isn't, so volunteering should not make a difference.

  4. Besides being a non sequitur, that makes no sense. Waterboarding is torture, period.

    The pageant is sexist, misogynistic, and demeaning, period.

  5. "The pageant is sexist, misogynistic, and demeaning, period." Even if they volunteer for it? OK. Interesting view. But based on what? IMHO your point would be stronger if it had a basis, instead of merely, "So sayeth Capper."

    "Waterboarding is torture, period."

    If it's tourture period, even if I volunteered for it, then how come you are NOT reccomending prosecution of the folks that did it to me and thousands of others in SERE school?

    Please someone answer. It's a serious question.

  6. Because SERE training allows the person being subjected to waterboarding to call a halt to it. During a staged type exercise, a person knows the possibility of death is extremely remote; not so if you're in the hands of someone you have every reason to believe would just as soon see you dead. Which is why that a**hole Hannity should be careful about who he lets waterboard him in the event he ever mans up and follows through on his promise to get waterboarded.

    As to your point about volunteering for something making it OK--look at it this way. An alcoholic takes that first drink voluntarily, and for that matter, usually all of the subsequent ones. Of course, that's not a perfect analogy, since not everybody who takes a drink becomes an alcoholic, but there are all kinds of things that are done voluntarily that aren't necessarily in our collective best interest.

  7. Rich, that is a false argument.

    A battered woman will stay with her abuser voluntarily. Does that mean she is not being abused? Hell no. For you to try to justify the sexism and misogyny that way is really beneath you.

  8. Who the hell hired a gay man to judge a beauty pageant?

    Why that's like hiring a vegetarian to judge a BBQ cook off.

    Yes the pageant is sexist, misogynistic. But demeaning? Is that a fact or an opinion?

    Some people have to have a vice or two. Imagine how bland the world would be if you lefties got all your wishes.

  9. Thanks for the keen insight, Mr. Morality.

  10. "For you to try to justify the sexism and misogyny that way is really beneath you."

    Cap, I'm not justifying the sexism nor the misogyny. Instead I'm exposing the hypocrisy of "But-they-volunteered-for-it..." as a valid arguement. (Please forgive me for butting into this thread with my own agenda.)

    I am VERY happy to see that you and I both seem to agree that "But-they-volunteered-for-it..." is NOT a valid arguement. If it's wrong, it's wrong regarless of the volunteering.

    APC, I went to SERE. And we could NOT quit the waterboard. UNLESS we wanted to FAIL sere and risk losing our career, or have to do SERE all over again. So please do not SPIN it as if we went through anything less than what KSM went through (except for the shear that regard, "Touche.")

    "During a staged type exercise, a person knows the possibility of death is extremely remote"

    NO. You never know. Cops never know if they are coming home after work. I never know if I'll be killed in a car wreck on my way home from work. And I certainly felt as if I was going to be the first person to die at SERE.

  11. The pageant is attended by and operated by mostly gay people. They love this stuff.

    The Donald owns the pageant and his record on women speaks for itself.

    Any women who enters such a contest is doing it for the fame and fortune.

    Its not the pageant of the 50s anymore and any straight guy who watches it or cares about the outcome is a old coot.