Friday, May 1, 2009

Bellowing Wrong Again

Bellowing gave us a big "scoop" the other day regarding the GOP race to lose to Doyle (emphasis mine):
That’s why many who respect Neumann are going to urge him to drop out. When the Republicans hold their state convention this weekend, Walker will unveil an endorsement list that looks like a Republican Hall of Fame. His campaign is planning an overwhelming presence at the convention. It’s their hope Neumann will recognize what he’s up against and bow out. Scoop: former Gov. Tommy Thompson is very likely to endorse Walker this summer, a move that will more than neutralize the backing Neumann is getting from Thompson’s former top aide, Jim Klauser.
What does TOMMY!!! say? Stick it to 'em:
Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson is considering a run for Wisconsin governor.

Thompson told 12 News that he’s currently looking for other candidates to step up before he throws his hat in the ring.

The revelation comes one day after Scott Walker announced his intention to run for the seat.

Thompson offered Walker his best wishes -- but stopped short of endorsing him. He said he looks forward to other Republicans entering the race.


  1. I spoke to Tommy! for just a second at the airport last Friday night and never though to ask if he was going to add his own brand of excitement to the crazy mix because it's just such a goofy idea.

    Let the games begin, indeed.

  2. Walker, Thompson or Neumann all will beat Doyle.
    Now of course, capper, you have a dilemma- if Walker gets the nomination and Doyle wins his, who would you vote for? After all, Doyle has been responsible for the child protective services for Milwaukee County, so there is no way you wuld vote for him. A vote for Doyle would be very hypocritical of you. And yet, we know your hate of Walker. What is a good liberal to do- be hypocritical or just not vote?

  3. Besides, now Belling has no choice but to vote for Doyle after is great horse racing pick.

  4. Dan-

    While I am not happy with many of the things Doyle has and hasn't done, he would be far, far less damaging than Walker or Neumann.

  5. No, it just means I'm smart enough not to be a one issue voter.

    But I already was feeling smarter just for having you come and prove yourself a skittle for brains.