Friday, January 29, 2010

Charlie Sykes: Economic Bubbleboy

Sykes and company just loves to put the blame for inner city poverty on the people that live there, claiming it's all their fault. Well, theirs and the uberliberal Madison folks.

Jakes's Economic TA Funhouse breaks down the numbers about poverty around the state and in doing so, breaks down Sykes' false allegations and race-baiting arguments:
Fortunately, lots of people like me that grew up in the burbs got older, went to college, learned from others, perhaps worked with and taught others less fortunate than us, and realized that we were pretty fortunate to have had the supportive and relatively affluent upbringing we had. Who I feel bad for (well, sorta) are the people who spend their whole lives thinking Wauzaukington County is the normal, and that others are the ones who don't get it. No wonder these people hold such absurd political views, because they've never stepped outside of their comfortable little bubble where everything's taken care of for them. It's up to us to puncture that bubble, because we've seen how suburban "ownership society" works in the real world, and it's a disaster.

So Madtown, hold your head up high, and keep telling Sykes-World about reality's liberal bias. Because it's likely that a Madisonian like you lives your life more in line with the average Wisconsinite than the suburb boys that get all the air time representing "the Silent Majority".
I can't wait until Jake starts working PaddyMac over too.

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  1. I don't waste my time reading tripe from smirking affirmative action cases like Paddy Mac. Time is valuable to me, babe. :P