Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sykes finds a new Eliza

Charlie Higgins Sykes, having suffered a minor setback with the launch of his last protege, Jessica Doolittle McBride, has found another younger woman on whom to bestow his favors.

Enter Rebecca Doolitttle Kleefisch, the latest right wing blogger to win regular links and favorable comment from Sykes. Now this, from WisPolitics:

Former TV reporter Rebecca Kleefisch has filed papers to run for lt. gov as a Republican, and GOP sources say her official announcement is scheduled for Tuesday.

Kleefisch, who's married to state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, has been a regular feature on conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes' blog with her "Kleefisch Reports." She's a former anchor at WISN-TV in Milwaukee.
Perhaps McBride, having gained a lot of experience as an advisor to a statewide campaign for attorney general, can offer some guidance -- at least about what not to do.


  1. "the rain in spain is not because of global warming" - i think she's got it!

  2. I always liked referring to her as the McBride of Chucky.