Friday, January 22, 2010

Sykes (R-WTMJ) for Senate?

A mutual admiration society? Mark Belling touts Charlie Sykes for US Senate.

It would be very entertaining to see Charlie get into the arena, as they say, and get a taste of what politics is like at ground level.

But he demurs, doesn't plan to run "at this point in time." (Maybe he has to wait until Tommy the T makes up his mind, which should be around the July deadline for nomination papers.)

Sykes said he having too much fun as a talk show host to give it up.

He's right about that. Pontificating from the studio is certainly a lot more fun that working your butt off day and night for the next nine or ten months, trying to persuade independents -- not just that wingnut base he has captivated -- to vote for him. Everything you've ever said and done, in your public or private life, is open to scrutiny (some fun, huh?) Your finances, too. And in a campaign, the other guy gets to have a microphone, too; you can't just hang up on him or talk over him.

Or can you?

Why should Sykes have to give up his job to run? His show is little more than a free platform for Republican candidates much of the time anyway. The Supreme Court has set the corporations free. There is no Fairness Doctrine or equal time requirement.

So what's to stop WTMJ radio from giving three and a half hours a day, on the "biggest stick in the state," to a Republican candidate -- and paying him on top of it?

It would be more outrageous than what WMCS radio is doing, using Sheriff David Clarke, who's already run for mayor and sheriff and will no dooubt run for mayor, county executive, and/or sheriff in the future, a spot as a regular guest host on its afternoon drive talk show. They probably don't pay him. But the principle's pretty much the same,even though Clarke isn't officially running for anything at the moment.

And if Sykes won (!) the station could have naming rights. He could be Sen. Charlie Sykes (R-WTMJ).

Maybe I shouldn't joke about it. Sykes and TMJ might like the idea. Lately, crazier things are happening on a daily basis.

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