Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Limbaugh Praises Unionized Hospital, Socialized Health Care

We're thrilled to hear that Limbaugh appreciates Hawaii's exemplary health care system.

Here's why:

1. Hawaii is a shining example of progressive health care reform. In fact, Hawaii is so forward-thinking that the Senate bill excludes Hawaii from some of its provisions, because Hawaii's requirements on employers go farther than the federal legislation.

  • Since 1974, Hawaii has required all employers to provide quality health care benefits to any employee who works 20 hours a week or more. Because of Hawaii's increased coverage, reports the New York Times, "hospital and insurance executives in Hawaii say they have been able to innovate efficiencies. For instance, the state's top three medical providers are adopting electronic medical records -- years ahead of most mainland counterparts."
  • One reporter noted "the medical system in Hawaii is as close to socialized medicine as there is in the United States, and, much of the Democrats reform bill is based in the Hawaii system."
2. Limbaugh stayed at Queen's Medical Center, where nursing staff are represented by the Hawaii Nurses' Association (read: a labor union). The nurses at Queen's are protected by their contract, which adheres to the ANA's safe-staffing principles guaranteeing appropriate staffing levels for any patient care unit.

In fact, Hawaii has one of the greatest percentages of organized workers of any state and also had the highest percentage of organized RNs. All private-sector acute care hospital RNs are organized, with just two known exceptions. We're guessing this might have something to do with why Limbaugh found the Hawaii hospital staff's work so "confidence-inspiring."

When Limbaugh was released from Queen's Medical Center, he cheerily noted, "The treatment I received here was the best that the world has to offer."


  1. Gee, and Limbaugh belongs to a union. He has to belong to the radio actor's union, AFTRA.
    Since I doubt you ever listen to him, he is not against all unions- only unions that hurt it's employees and employers. Not all unions are bad, just most of them.

  2. Limbaugh praising the health care in America is like O.J. praising the court system. News Flash: You do get top quality if you are a millionaire and can afford it.

    Here's an idea. Since Limbaugh is such a war lover, why didn't he go for treatment on a level that our returning veterans receive at the VA? Those poor men serve their country and then, if injured, are treated like garbage. THEY should be getting the top care and Limbaugh should be filling out forms to try to get an appointment to fill our more forms to find out if he can see a doctor or not for his self induced preexisting condition related to drug abuse.

  3. Yes, I believe Limbaugh does belong to AFTRA (American Federation of TV and Radio Artists) whose roughly 70,000 members include not only actors (for TV, radio and some movies), but also recording artists, dancers and broadcast journalists (producers and writers as well as on-air talent). To learn more about AFTRA visit: www.aftra.com. Is anyone not opposed to "unions that hurt their employees or employers?" Of course, but there can be honorable disagreement over whether that's true in any particular case.