Friday, January 15, 2010

Shut Up He Explained

By Keith R. Schmitz

The above of course is part of the catch phrase comedy that Charlie Sykes employs on his program and blog which passes for wit, if wit was to pour out of widget factory. He has of course ripped this off from a real wit, Ring Lardner.

There seems to be a bit of common ground that liberals and conservatives could be occupying regarding the health care reform negotiations. That being the Barack Obama campaign promise to hold negotiations of major legislation on C-Span. Right now that isn't going to happen.

Sykes and almost everyone on the right including the corporate puppets at Americans for Prosperity are clamoring for an open process. Now. Operational word here.

Liberals are upset because this what the Obama administration is back peddling and providing worry of possible giveaways to come. Real adults aren't happy about it but they recognize that politicians do not deliver on every campaign promise when the cold hard light of governing hits them in the face. We of course hope for better but we know our hearts get broken every so often.

We would like to presume our conservatives friends believe the same thing, but they don't. While they want the Obama administration to be as transparent as Saran Wrap, their hero Dick Cheney was opaque as Reynold's Aluminum foil when it came to the totally secret energy deals, presidential papers, the White House visitors log and endless matters dealing with our government. In fact often we were damned lucky to find out anything, unlucky when we did.

Our government. Not Dick's government.

The only difference is liberals were for sunlight then, we are for sunlight now. As for the rad right, not so much then.

Kind of makes you wonder what they really believe in, or is it to use the title to this summer's Larry David/Woody Allen movie --- Whatever Works.


  1. So, you bitch that Cheney and Bush held secret meetings and now it is ok for Obama to do the same?
    Wow, you are such a hypocrite. Eiter it is right or it is wrong. Which is it?

  2. "Kind of makes you wonder what they really believe in,"
    If you meant that for the Obama, administration, then you are correct, sir and my apologies.

  3. If you have defended the last one, you cannot attack this one.

  4. I didn't didn't defend the last one, so I guess I can critize this one?

  5. Lol. You guys all say that.

    Hey, from the what he have divined the right wing blog nobody voted for Bush.

  6. Let me do this in English. From what we have divined from the right wing blogs nobody voted for Bush.

  7. I've been amazed at the number of conservatives who've only now stepped forward to admit they didn't like Bush. It's as if there was some form of social pressure on them to conform, some insidious and powerful suppression of their freedom of expression that prevented them from speaking up during those eight years.