Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Calling a bluff by Texas Hold 'Em

This may seem a little inside baseball, but we think it's important to hold bloggers accountable for what they write, and to point it out when they are unwilling to acknowledge the truth. (And there's something about being called a liar by someone who's lying that just kind of sticks in our craw.)

Which brings us to the blogger known as Texas Hold 'Em. For economy, we'll just call him Tex.

We noted last week that Tex seemed confused about two Wisconsin "right to life" groups, and who said and did what to whom when.

Tex defends Pro-Life Wisconsin, a fringe group that believes women should be allowed to die rather than have life-saving abortions, among other tenets.

Recently, Paul Hill Days, a celebration and reenactment of the murder of an abortion provider, took place in Milwaukee. Among those present in the same place and at the same time as the event was the director of Pro-Life Wisconsin. The organization's van, clearly identified, was parked in a prominent location as well. Here's a report from someone who attended.

When we pointed out the discrepancy, between his claims and what had actually happened, Tex commented:
Read NARAL’s own release. The Feminazis said flat-out that Pro-Life Wisconsin also condemned the rally. Why would NARAL say that if PLW didn’t condemn it?
We read NARAL'S release, as he suggested. Despite his claim, it never mentioned Pro-Life Wisconsin.

So we left a comment on Tex's blog last week, but it has been "awaiting moderation" ever since. In other words, he is not going to allow it to be posted.

That's unfortunate, since the comment simply printed the press release from NARAL, the pro-choice group Tex loves to call Femi-Nazis. The release, which he had been citing as proof that Pro-Life Wisconsin had condemned the Paul Hill event, shows that his claim is clearly untrue. You can read it here. It actually condemns Pro-Life Wisconsin director's participation and calls on the group's endorsed candidates to disavow the group and return contributions.

Instead of posting that, he linked to an irrelevant release from the other "pro-life" group, Wisconsin Right to Life, which also says nothing about Pro-Life Wisconsin.

We started our exchange with Tex by saying he clearly was confused. But it looks like it's more than a simple misunderstanding. He now knows he was wrong, is unwilling to admit it, and continues to misrepresent Pro-Life Wisconsin's position.

We call, Tex. Up to you.


  1. Curiously, your comments have magically appeared! Better late than never, I suppose.

  2. Actually, that's not the one.

    The "moderated" one that's still missing after 5 days actually reproduced the NARAL release, which he keeps referring to, so people could read it for themselves.

    He subsequently linked to a totally different release from Wis. Right to Life and has refused to post my comment.

  3. Rules #3, #4 and #15 apply here, I do believe.

  4. Another comment that wasn't allowed on that thread called him out for continued use of the despicable term that equates an insane Austrian mass murderer with American women exercising their democratic rights -- some of them, as it noted, no doubt daughters, sisters, mothers of veterans or even veterans themselves. But not even that got Text to let it get through.

    Speaking of that "f" word so beloved by Tex, has the anti-sexism crusader Jessica McBride ever called out her neocon blog colleague on it? Or the term's creator, her hero Rush Limblahblah?

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