Tuesday, August 7, 2007

McSykes is dead; long live McSykes

Some lefty bloggers used to use the term "McSykes" to denote how Charlie Sykes and Jessica McBride's mutual admiration society resulted in them writing the same thing about the same subject, or, more often, simply linking to one another's blogs to steer readers there.

"How insightful," Charlie would say, with a link to McBride's latest drivel. "What an eye for talent," McBride would respond, linking to Sykes.

Since Charlie's protege was banished from the WTMJ Kingdom, the echo chamber appears to have stopped. She still speaks highly of him, but doesn't even make it onto his blogroll of 23 right-wing Wisconsin blogs, including some that are pretty marginal.

But there's a new relationship blossoming with Sykes and the Journal Sentinel's resident wingnut, Patrick McIlheran, who have formed a new and improved mutual admiration society and send readers back and forth. Can a permanent McIlheran chair on the Sunday Sykes TV show be far behind?

So, the old McSykes may be history, but there's a new McSykes tandem to carry on. Praise the Lord.

Patrick and Charlie, we now pronounce you wing and nut. It's a match made in heaven.

UPDATE: McCarthy McIlheran says liberals aren't entitled to describe themselves as Americans, because they're really unpatriotic:
Time and again, left-leaning organizations have, in the years since, sought to wrap themselves in an outer mantle of traditional Americanism, despite their distaste for it.


  1. I'm really enjoying the demise of McBride ..... justice prevailed!!!! She's off the circuit of idiots ... she still has her pretend teacher job and her pretend newspaper column .... the junior 'kid' cub reporter has been tamed.

  2. McIlheran today posts, basically, that people on the left are unpatriotic and liars.

  3. He also says arming everyone would prevent crimes like the triple murder in Connecticut.

    One simpler thing that might have prevented it would have been to lock their doors.

  4. The Journal couldn't have made a better pick to make conservatives look like idiots. Was this a plot on the part of O Richardo? Plus he doesn't come off well on TV looking sullen and withdrawn.

    As for the incident in Connecticut, even if they slept with guns in their beds it is doubtful they would have overcome the element of surpise. People with guns in their hands get shot dead all the time.

    But you can't tell this to the childlike mind of Paddy Putzmeister.

  5. To be fair, McIlheran didn't "say" that himself, he just ctrl+v'd it from somebody else, which is pretty much all he and Sykes seem to do at their blogs.