Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Now Everyone Wants A List

First it was McBride's former BFF with droll commentary. Then came the enlightenment of the 50+ Things. Now, while McBride shows her in-depth journalistic skill by covering quiche and blue lines, commenter Dennis replies to her previous tirade with a list of his own:

Jessica, they are following the first five Liberal rules:

Liberal Rule #1 - When in doubt, tell a lie.
Liberal Rule #2 - When caught lying, go into hysterics
Liberal Rule #3 - Arguments are lost only to bigots
.Liberal Rule #4 - When faced with facts, ignore them
.Liberal Rule #5 - Anyone who disagrees is a Fascist.

Liberalism: The Politics of Arrogance.

In the interest of fairness, Whallah will now present the five Republican Rules:

Rule #1-Even when sure of the facts, tell a lie.
Rule #2-When caught lying, lie some more.
Rule #3-Arguments are only lost to liberals.
Rule #4-When faced with facts, put comment moderation on your blogsite.
Rule#5-Anyone who disagrees is trying to silence me (other options: They are juvenile, sexist, slime merchants, etc.)

Republican: The Embodiment of Undeserved Arrogance

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