Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sour Grapes Makes For A Bitter Whine

Apparently, McBride still isn't over the drubbing that J. B. Van Hollen gave her hubby, Paul Bucher, in last year's primary for Attorney General. She has, in the past, been generally critical of some of Van Hallen's decisions and writings. But now, she apparently has reached her threshold of tolerance for ole J.B., when he is praised in a column in the Wisconsin State Journal.

She even uses her old friend, Mark Belling, to bolster her argument.

All the two of them manage to do is show that they believe adhering to the law and the constitution are only for liberals, and that their brand of conservatism is above the law.


  1. This really is priceless. She says: Wisconsin State Journal praises Van Hollen for not being a "right-wing ideologue"

    With all due respect, the only problem with that analysis is that he PROMISED to be a right-wing ideologue.

    We know her hubby would have been one.

  2. xoff-

    Would that be her right-wing hubby, the trial lawyer? And we all know that, in McBrideville, trial lawyers are the darlings of the left.

  3. Also ironic is that she sees Van Hollen's moderation as positioning himself to run for governor -- something she expected Bucher to do had he been elected AG. She certainly envisioned herself as First Lady of Wisconsin, and the dream dies hard, apparently.

  4. The word is "do" and not "due."

    I know the pay isn't much, but a job worth doing is worth doing well.

  5. "First Lady of Wisconsin"


  6. Anonymous, she actually did use the right word. It's "due," not "do."

    Having said that, I still think she's a terrible excuse for what passes for a journalist these days.

  7. Uh, no, Zach. "All the two of them manage to due" is not correct.

  8. Anon-

    Gotcha. I was looking elsewhere in the entry.


  9. My bad, anony. Thanks for the heads up.